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 As all Private Charters are different we custom tailor our Charter packages to meet each groups needs which causes our Charter rates to vary in   price. Specifics such as the time, date, length, amenities included and additional requests will all influence the overall price.

 Our rates can begin as low as $950 an hour. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with an estimate for your event!  


   Cruise Description

 Private Charters offer passengers the opportunity to rent the boat for one flat cost and host their own private party. A basic Charter includes 3 hours on the water, additional 30 minute boarding period and full staffing which includes a fully operated bar. With Charters the passengers may  provide their own food or entertainment, or have the option to go through our partners as well. 

 Each Private Charter is different, so it gives passengers the option to get creative and create a memorable event. This is perfect for fundraisers,  private parties, corporate events, staff outings, conventions and more! 

Please provide us with details such as the date, time, event and any other relevant information so we can get you an accurate quote for your Private Charter.