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Posted By: Bonnie Farina
Date & Time: September 1st, 2013 - 5:22p.m.
Testimonial: On Friday August 30, 2013 my daughter and I decided to take a Windsor River cruise on the Macassa Bay.

It was an extremely hot, sunny day and we were afraid it would be too hot and humid to enjoy the trip but we didn't need to worry. The cooling breeze off of the Detroit river kept us very comfortable.

I have lived in Windsor since 1966 and never once have I viewed our city from a boat. (I was on the old Boblo boats a long time ago but they went downriver to Amherstburg and you didn't see much of Windsor that way.) This boat went upriver almost to the mouth of Lake St Clair and then came back down , swung under the Ambassador bridge and docked in front of Caesars Windsor again.

I must say, I am absolutely flabbergasted. Like most people I think Windsor is an OK place to live, but it isn't a beautiful city. I was wrong!!! From the water, Windsor looks freaking AMAZING!

The old derelict buildings and churches along Riverside Drive look picturesque from a distance. There are mansions that are built to look glamourous from the river..not from the street.

People have always envied Windsor for its miles and miles of parkland along the water's edge, but you can't really appreciate how beautiful the greenspace is from land. Once you are viewing it from the water Windsor looks like a movie set. Also there are words written in flowers in the parks that are meant to be viewed from the water. I never even knew they were there!

The staff on the boat were pleasant and helpful. They keep up a running commentary about the things you are passing on shore, giving you a mini history lesson. They have a bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and snacks if you want them.

We purchased a Groupon which made the tickets a steal at $35 for two. But even the regular prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for something different to do while you are in Windsor I highly recommend this cruise.
Posted By: Michelle Hayes
Date & Time: Monday, September 3rd, 2012 - 7:38a.m.
Testimonial: To all crew of the Macassa Bay,
Yesterday (September 2nd) was my Father-in-law Leo's 90th birthday.Him,his best friend of 70 years and Leo's children and their spouses took the 2 1/2 hr. cruise in the afternoon.
From our first greeting before boarding the boat by a fellow whom we watched throughout the entire cruise who goes above and beyond : he firstly greeted Leo with a handshake and a happy birthday wish then allowed Leo and his family to board the boat first to give us a head start up the steps.Upon making our way to the area we chose to sit at we were then greeted by a lady who gathered us the number of tables and stools we needed for our group of eight.I watched as all staff made sure all the guests had what they needed.
As the cruise started the fellow who first greeted us at the gate approached our table for details of Leo's birthday and had an announcement made overhead.
What your staff did not know is Leo has very limited vision.He probably didn't see much on a sightseeing cruise but he listened attentively to the narration and was thrilled to hear his name announced. When the cruise was ending it was suggested by your staff that we wait until most of the passengers were off the boat before attempting to disembark with Leo.Great time for a group picture which again a crew member seemed happy to take for us.It seemed like all hands were on deck to help Leo and his 89 year old friend off the boat with another handshake and a thank you for coming.
I myself took the Redneck cruise a few weeks ago and loved everything about it and knew it would work out for Leo and his family too.
In case you and your crew haven't been thanked lately please consider this a huge thanks from Leo's family.I always believe there are still alot of good people in this world and they are all crew members of the Macassa Bay.
Many thanks
Michelle Hayes (daughter-in-law of Leo)
Posted By: Graham Brown
Date & Time: Monday, April 23rd, 2012 - 10:34a.m.
Testimonial: Thank you John, Connie and the crew of the Macassa Bay.Everyone had a wonderful time,truly an evening to remember. The food was excellent and it was such a great touch to have Bev aboard to entertain us. You really went out of your way too see that everyone enjoyed the cruise. I could go on and on... THANK YOU > Graham
Posted By: Suzanne R. Allison
Date & Time: Friday, August 12th, 2011 - 7:56a.m.
Testimonial: Looking forward to our Investors Group cruise this Saturday night! Hopefully the weather co-operates with us.
Posted By: Patti Cobbin
Date & Time: Friday, July 8th, 2011 - 7:27p.m.
Testimonial: My husband & I went on your sight seeing cruise yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it! We will be coming back for the same cruise as well as the night cruise July 28th & bringing our son with us! Thanks so much for a wonderful outing! We have already told MANY of our friends and family!

A little factoid you may not be aware of, before being a tour boat in Windsor, the Macassa Bay was a tour boat in Hamilton (my home town), previous to that it was a working tug boat for the company my step-dad worked for, although it's name then escapes me. Regardless, your boat has history with my family! :D
Posted By: Cathy Fenton
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 19th, 2011 - 5:15a.m.
Testimonial: I won the gift certificate from the Blackburn radio station for the Fathers Day dinner cruise. Thank you so much, it was a very generous gift and we had a really good time!! Thanks again, Cathy
Posted By: Debbie Dent
Date & Time: Sunday, June 17th, 2011 - 6:18a.m.
Testimonial: The Bell Family would like to thank Windsor Cruises for a wonderful family event. We booked at the last minute for 8 for Brian's 50th birthday. A table of 8 was reserved, the meal was wonderful and the crew were amazing. The highlight for the two younger kids was definitely the invitation to become a ’little captain’ and steer the boat. The smiles were ear to ear! We will high recommend this cruise to anyone! Thanks for helping us a family memory that will last forever! The pictures that captured our family moments will be cherished forever! Thanks Again, The Bell Family